Point of Care (POC)

Salivary-based Bone-loss Marker Detection Platform for Point-of-Care Screening

IOS is developing a new non-invasive, saliva-based, bone-loss marker detection platform for routine screening of bone loss biomarkers by an inexpensive, non-invasive method that can be employed in point-of-care testing where frequent screening is required, or where large populations of at-risk patients need to be tested for metabolic diseases. In Phase I we established assay platforms for salivary bone loss markers OC, representing bone formation, and DPD, representing bone resorption. The assays exhibited sensitivity relevant to clinical requirements, showing a high degree of correlation with patient diagnosis. In collaboration with clinical partners at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), after the completion of a prospective study of 20 women (age >50, undergoing DEXA scanning) that confirmed excellent correlation of OC with both bone mineral density (BMD) and the gold standard ELISA biomarker measurement kits for saliva and blood samples, we are now performing a more-extensive 200 women clinical study to determine statistical reliability, and the effects of race, age, and diet in a larger population.



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