Hand-held Applications

Cell Phone-based Lateral Flow Assay for Blood Biomarker Detection

IOS is integrating a sensor platform with a cell phone for health monitoring and disease diagnosis of space exploration crew members. We are continuing to develop lateral flow assays designed for integration into a customized Holomic LLC cell phone reader to quantitatively measure early cardiac and liver function biomarkers in serum. Multiplexed liver panel (ALT, AST, and ALP) and cardiac (troponin I) lateral flow assays have been developed and tested with a prototype cell phone reader for sensitivity and cross reactivity. Assays under development include dissolved blood gas measurements (PaO2, PaCO2, and pH), and metabolic blood chemistry panels (blood electrolytes (Na+ and K+), glucose, creatinine, and blood urea nitrogen). Holomic is optimizing the reader to integrate colorimetric and fluorescence-based measurements within the same device, with fully automated selection of the optical band-pass filters.


Stereo Ophthalmic Smartphone with Accessories for In-field Applications

IOS developed a stereo ophthalmic smartphone with accessories for in-field applications to address the military’s need for immediate diagnosis and treatment of ocular injures at the site of military operations. The stereo ophthalmic smartphone is a miniature device that combines the properties of classical ophthalmology slitlamp stereomicroscopy, 3D smartphone capabilities, and unique, IOS-developed optical design and MEMS with incorporated optics that enables it to produce 3D imagery through a single objective lens.