Advanced Light Sources

IOS focuses its research on innovatively applying optical techniques and methodologies to meet application needs. Recent examples include:

Fiber Optic Lighting System for Antenna Towers (FOLSAT)

In collaboration with RSL Fiber Systems, IOS is developing a remote source, fiber optic illumination system to replace the current warning lighting system on mast towers, where the electrical components are significantly affected by the antenna’s electromagnetic field. In Phase I we proved that optical fibers can deliver the required amount of red light from a light source at ground level to the highest point (1500 ft.) of a communication antenna tower. In Phase II we will develop two commercial FOLSAT prototypes – a beacon L-864 flashing light system and an obstruction light L-810 system – for testing in a high electromagnetic field environment at the Dixon High Voltage Test Facility (HVTF). These prototypes will lay the foundation for equipping antenna towers with such systems in Phase III and beyond.


Measuring Endoscopic Probe – A Novel Supportive Tool for Endoscopy

IOS developed the Measuring Endoscopic Probe (MEP), an inexpensive and easy-to-use non-contact measuring probe to bring measurement capabilities to endoscopy procedures. The MEP is a novel supportive tool that can be inserted into the instrument channel of an endoscope during any routine endoscopy, to rapidly collect quantitative data. Unlike conventional stereo devices, which have two optical channels and triangulation computing to perform non-contact optical measurements, MEP has a single objective lens and a unique microelectromechanical (MEMS) scanning system to produce a stereopair with the predefined base necessary for 3-D, non-contact, optical measurements.