The Optech line of laser ultrasonic inspection products has myriad applications for real-time manufacturing diagnostics and inspection.  The core technology in these systems is the advanced laser ultrasonic receiver. IOS sells three receivers on a common platform that are designed to meet the broadest range of customer requirements.  The benefits of laser ultrasonics in the manufacturing sector include:

  • Totally non-contact and non-destructive, with only laser beams touching the surface
  • Capability for measurements on parts with high temperature (>1000°C) and moving at high velocity (>1 m/s)
  • Submillimeter spot sizes for high spatial resolution
  • High bandwidth (100 MHz) for high defect sensitivity and precision depth resolution.

We have demonstrated our laser ultrasonic system in factories for real-time wall thickness measurement and weld inspection.  Read more on our laser ultrasonics pages.