Weld Inspection

Laser welding is widespread and finding new applications

  • High weld speed
  • Minimum heat deposition and deformation
  • Automotive applications
    • Body panels (tailor-welded blanks)
    • Body-in-white assembly
    • Component assembly
  • Weld integrity and dimensional control – critical
  • In contrast with current quality control based on process monitoring, which is
    • Indirect, and has
    • No guaranteed correlation with final condition of weld.
  • Automated inspection after weld is completed is preferred

Spot welding is a critical process for auto body assembly

  • Weld area and strength are critical.
  • Current inspection techniques are unreliable.
  • Weak bonds are very difficult to detect.

Solution: laser ultrasonics

  • Non-contact
  • Fast areal scanning
  • Small laser spots, ensuring high spatial resolution
  • High bandwidth, for accurate measurement of bond strength
Image of spot weld

Image of spot weld