Feasibility Testing

For customers who wish to determine the feasibility of using laser ultrasonics to meet their needs for inspection or process monitoring, lOS offers feasibility testing by its expert scientists. After familiarization with the application and measurement requirement, lOS staff will propose a testing program and schedule for approval by the customer. The results will be presented in a report to the customer, including the test results and recommendations of the best means for developing a turnkey system to meet the customer’s requirements.

Inspection Services

For qualified customers who wish to use laser ultrasonics to inspect a set of similar samples, lOS staff can perform the required inspection and deliver a report with the data for each part in a form requested by the customer. Typical data presentations include A-scans (temporal signals), B-scans (one-dimensional spatial scans, with a temporal signal at each position) and C-scans (two-dimensional spatial scans with a specific temporal property plotted in grey scale or color scale).

Application Consulting

IOS staff has a combined 20 years experience in the physical principles and applications of laser ultrasonics. Our staff is available to consult on specific customer application requirements. This service is especially useful for customers who have purchased equipment from lOS.