Laser Ultrasonic Solutions

Industry Needs


  • Higher quality, lower capital and operating costs
  • In the face of: higher temperatures, faster process speeds, smaller sample size, more demanding specifications
  • Where post-process evaluation is no longer satisfactory
  • Monitor/measure earlier in the process: major economic benefits


  • Ideally suited for meeting exacting quality control requirements


  • Extending service life, plan scheduled maintenance
  • Responding to stricter safety requirements

Laser Ultrasonic Solutions:

  • Laser ultrasonics combines:
    • The non-contact operation, speed, and spatial resolution of lasers
    • Penetration of opaque materials.
  • Take advantage of the improved performance and lower price of lasers and adaptive receivers.
  • Economic benefits to the end user include higher throughput, higher yield, reduced down time, and fewer product returns.
  • IOS is a leading supplier of innovative non-contact sensing for industrial inspection and process control.