Biomedical Sensors

Vitrectomy lens with integrated illuminator 6,221,028

The inner eye of a surgical patient is illuminated by incorporating an optical fiber in a ring configuration imbedded into or attached to a contact lens. The viewing surface of the lens is planar to optimize the surgeon’s view. The opposite surface of the lens is curved to conform to the patient’s eye. A solution conduit irrigates the eye. The apparatus is easily positioned and easily directed. The apparatus also is sufficiently inexpensive to be disposable.

Micro lens array for bioassay 6,587,617

An apparatus and method for imaging biochip spots in which a linearly spaced array of micro-lenses has a set of optical fibers which are associated with each micro-lens to receive and transmit the image magnified by the micro-lens. The micro-lenses are spaced to that of the biochip spots so that the microlens array can be positioned over a selected group of biochip spots, one for each micro-lens. The microlens array can be translated to be over selected groups of biochip spots. A detector and user devise such as a computer and a screen are used to record and view the collected images.

Accurate tissue injury assessment 6,411,907

Systems and methods using a spectrometer system for real-time automatic evaluation of tissue injury are described. A method of assessing an injury to tissue comprises reflecting an electromagnetic signal from the tissue to produce a reflected electromagnetic signal; producing spectral data pertaining to the intensities of individual wavelengths of the reflected electromagnetic signal; analyzing the spectral data to obtain a set of results; and providing an indication of the nature of the injury to the tissue based upon the set of results.