Advanced Signal and Image Processing

Hybrid neural network and multiple fiber probe for in-depth 3-D mapping 5,660,181

An apparatus for in-depth three dimensional tumor mapping including (A) a light source; (B) a multi-fiber bundle including at least one illumination fiber and at least two receiving fibers, the at least one illumination fiber being connected to the light source; (C) a spectrometer connected to the at least two receiving fibers; and (D) a hybrid neural network connected to the spectrometer, said hybrid neural network including a principle component analysis processor and a neural network classifier.

Accurate tissue injury assessment using hybrid neural network analysis 6,058,352

Systems and methods using a neural network based portable absorption spectrometer system for real-time automatic evaluation of tissue injury are described. An apparatus includes an electromagnetic signal generator; an optical fiber connected to the electromagnetic signal generator; a fiber optic probe connected to the optical fiber; a broad band spectrometer connected to the fiber optic probe; and a hybrid neural network connected to the broad band spectrometer. The hybrid neural network includes a principle component analyzer of broad band spectral data obtained from said broad band spectrometer.