Nonlethal Countermeasures

In close collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), IOS is developing a family of light-based, non-lethal devices for law enforcement and, potentially, military applications. As alternatives to potentially eye-damaging, laser-based devices, IOS’ diversionary devices utilize high powered, multicolored light emitting diode (LED) clusters and complex optical concentrators to produce a temporary high level of visual impairment and potential disorientation of the targeted subject(s), while optical intensities remain at eye-safe levels.

IOS’ devices produce extremely bright, strobe sequences of light in different colors. The different colors of light are programmed to flash in a predefined pattern, to which the brain cannot adjust. The effect is a “wall of light,” which blinds the adversary and conceals the user's location, giving the user at least a momentary advantage during which the adversary can be subdued.

Potential applications include:

Crowd control in stand-off situations;
Coast Guard operations in confined environments;
Border Patrol duty, for personnel and vehicular protection;
Correctional facility operations and riot control;
Perimeter protection or area denial applications; and
Personal hand-held devices for patrol officer “force-option.”

Light-based, non-lethal devices currently under development at IOS include an electronic reusable flash grenade, an electronic reusable flash-bang grenade, and a light emitting diode incapacitator (LEDI).


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