IOS offers our customers innovative technological solutions to real-world problems through a comprehensive products and services portfolio. IOS researchers have developed cutting-edge technologies, including fiber optic-based sensors for pressure, temperature, electromagnetic fields, and a wide variety of chemicals; acoustic emission sensors; nondestructive visual and laser ultrasonic inspection systems; advanced signal and image processing systems; specialty light sources; and nonlethal weapons.

IOS' development of an LED-based incapacitator (LEDI), a tool for law enforcement, was recently selected as one of Time Magazine's "Best Inventions of 2007", as presented in Time’s annual Special Section in the November 12, 2007 issue.

Distributed Intrinsic Chemical Agent Sensing and Transmission (DICAST®) technology establishes a new paradigm in the detection of toxic chemicals and chemical warfare agents. These fiber optic chemical sensors extend the reach of sensitive chemical detection over long lengths of optical fiber, as opposed to existing chemical sensors, which are based on point sensing technology. Beta systems installed in airport control towers and in a major U.S. public transportation hub are currently being monitored and evaluated for long-term performance, which is projected to provide significant assistance to U.S. Homeland Defense efforts to protect against chemical attacks.

IOS is developing a breakthrough improved method and system for assisted aiming of a combat weapon (Digital Aim). Both the weapon and a head-mounted display have orientation sensors; the orientation data is used to determine a line of fire for the weapon, and to display an aim point indicator on the head-mounted display. This system allows a weapon to be quickly aimed and fired at a target without requiring the weapon to be brought to eye level for aiming, and without unnecessarily revealing the location of the weapon or the warfighter.