IOS offers our customers innovative technological solutions to real-world problems through a comprehensive products and services portfolio. IOS researchers have developed cutting-edge technologies, including fiber optic-based sensors for pressure, temperature, electromagnetic fields, and a wide variety of chemicals; acoustic emission sensors; advanced signal and image processing systems; specialty light sources; nonlethal weapons; and nondestructive visual and laser ultrasonic inspection systems.

We provide a full commercial line of innovative products for industrial nondestructive testing using laser ultrasonics. The core technology in these systems is the advanced laser ultrasonic receiver. IOS offers three receivers on a common platform that are designed to meet the broadest range of customer requirements.

IOS has also developed FBG-based strain sensors for the non-invasive, non-destructive damage assessment and continuous monitoring of large area structures, such as aircraft, ships, spacecraft, and automobiles. Stand-alone detection systems were developed to detect vibration in aircraft/spacecraft structures, detect acoustic emission from crack formation and propagation, and measure structural static strain in unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

Our industrial expertise includes:

Non-Destructive Testing
On-Line Sensing and Monitoring
Quality Control/Inspection
Pressure and Temperature Sensing

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