Laser Ultrasonics


Laser ultrasonics is a non-contact, non-destructive technique for performing ultrasonic evaluation on components and structures in environments where conventional transducer-based techniques are not an option. Laser ultrasonics can acquire data on parts at high temperature (1100º C) and moving at high speed (5 m/s). Its high bandwidth (100 MHz) allows accurate measurement of depth and thickness. The small size of the laser spots on the target (100 um) allows interrogation of curved surfaces and confined spaces. Rapid area inspection is enabled through scanning of the optical beams. All types of materials, including ceramics, metals, glass, semiconductors and composites can be evaluated.

Laser ultrasonics has broad applications for in-line process monitoring, post-process evaluation and in-service inspection. In-line monitoring enables measurements early in the production process, thereby allowing feedback control of the process.

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