Developing Cutting Edge Products and Technologies

IOS develops cutting-edge products and technologies in sensors and instrumentation.
We take innovative technologies through the development cycle to commercial products
and to independent spin-off companies that focus on physical, chemical, biological,
radiological and remote sensing instrumentation in key markets.


Two of our innovative products are Laser Ultrasound and Quantum Dots.


Physical Sensors Chemical Sensors Advanced Computing Biomedical Sensors

Our company applies its expertise in optical technologies to a large variety of physical measurements, ranging from minimally invasive medical sensors to ultrasonic inspection systems for the Aerospace industry.



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IOS has developed chemical sensors for volatile and semivolatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs), organic pollutants, toxins, and microorganisms, water and air monitoring, pesticides, bio-taggants, and standoff detection of explosives.


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The Advanced Computation group is engaged in research related to theories, algorithms, and applications, and the development of software and hardware for the implementation of signal, image, and video processing, target recognition, and advanced computation.


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The company applies its expertise in optical technologies to a variety of medical applications, ranging from in vitro diagnostic devices to lab-on-a-chip instrumentation. Contact our application specialists with your specific sensing requirements.


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