Digital Aim

IOS is developing a breakthrough method for real-time detection and tracking of the orientation (aim) of a soldier's weapon, which displays a visual representation of the aiming information overlaid on the battle scene on the soldier's head mounted display, without any radiation directed at the target. This allows a weapon to be quickly aimed and fired at a target, without requiring the weapon to be brought to eye level for aiming, and without unnecessarily revealing the location of the weapon or the warfighter.

Advantages of Digital Aim include:

Detection of position and orientation of moving weapon relative to moving background.
Adaptation to scene brightness changes.
Modularity - the aiming camera view and other battlefield information can be readily
   incorporated into the display system; weapon camera can be conventional video, night-
   vision, or any other image source.
No special hardware - the low cost, helmet-mounted cameras can easily use barcodes to
   provide a distance, relative position, and orientation detection system. Barcode marks
   are resistant to errors, and can be read when partly occluded or dirty.


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This video segment from the Discovery Channel's Future Weapons show illustrates how IOS UpRight™ image rectification will allow warfighters to engage enemies while staying completely protected from hostile fire. Click on the video to see IOS UpRight™ image rectification in action: