IOS offers our customers a world of fiber-optic solutions through a comprehensive products and services portfolio. IOS researchers have developed cutting-edge technologies, including fiber optic-based sensors for pressure, temperature, electromagnetic fields, and a wide variety of chemicals; acoustic emission sensors; advanced signal and image processing systems; specialty light sources; nonlethal weapons; and nondestructive visual and laser ultrasonic inspection systems.


IOS has developed FBG based strain sensors for several applications, primarily for structural health monitoring. These include projects on the detection of vibration in aircraft/spacecraft structures and acoustic emission from crack formation and propagation, and measuring structural static strain in UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) such as the Global hawk aircraft and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) such as the Mars Rover.  Stand-alone detection systems were developed for these applications. Fiber strain measurement techniques using Brillouin scattering and FBGs were developed for fiber optic guided missile applications that use coiled fiber spools.  IOS iscurrently developing a novel diagnostic/prognostic ultrasound imaging system for determining the location and degree of structural damage in composite aircraft materials.


Recognizing the demand and potential for hydrogen sensing, IOS also develops sensors and instrumentation for hydrogen gas detection needs in various industrial sectors, including the automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries.