Advanced Computation

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The Advanced Computation group is engaged in research related to theories, algorithms, and applications, and the development of software and hardware for the implementation of signal, image, and video processing, target recognition, and advanced computation.

The group is also investigating human perception and the interaction between imaging sensors and other types of sensors. Methods are being developed to analyze images using differential mapping and photogrammetric approaches, and to design algorithms that can be used to evaluate images and expand artificial intelligence. Many practical applications use a sensed image to recognize specific objects; our research focuses on the development of algorithms to perform feature extraction and matching, and to organize the data to support efficient matching. Important applications include color segmentation, multispectral fusion, 2-D to 3-D reconstruction, 3-D object recognition, and the visualization/exploration of 3-D volumetric data.

Current research projects include computerized weapon aiming, 2-D to 3-D reconstruction, multispectral fusion biometric authentication, automatic target surveillance and tracking, handless human-computer interaction (HCI), face modeling, medical image segmentation, digital watermarking, and analyzing the structure of online documents. In recent projects, we have developed applications for national defense, homeland security, and medical imaging.